About Bowen Funerals

Family Owned and Proudly South Australian

Bowen Funerals prides itself on ensuring that we offer families choice to have a service that is reflective of their loved one. People’s requirements vary immensely when it comes to the style of funeral required. We can accommodate all your wishes for a funeral and we have a wide experience in making funeral arrangements for all nationalities.

Our Staff 

Every one of our staff has a natural sympathy and empathy for bereaved families, and shows warmth and care whilst making sure that everything the client wants happens. After 50 years of experience, we understand how varied people’s needs are. Bowen funerals offer the peace of mind that everything in being conducted in an appropriate manner and with dignity. Our professional and compassionate team is available to help you twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. We can discuss options in the comfort of your home or arrangements can be made at our tranquil premises. 

Your choice of service

Whatever type of service you decide on – at Darroch House, at a church of your denomination, at a crematorium chapel, or at the graveside – we will arrange a ceremony that meets with your requirements. The ceremony can be conducted by your choice of clergy or funeral celebrant and complemented by an organist, harpist or violinist, musical group or a selection of recorded music.  We’re happy to help you in making these choices.

After the funeral

Many people today are rediscovering that an after-funeral gathering, or wake, can be of benefit in the mourning process as well as being an occasion on which to reminisce with friends and relatives.
For the special touch after the final service Darroch house offers a variety of options.